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Ultimate Services

Embark on your ultimate beauty destination with our Medical expertise and skin consultant. Every element of your journey thoughtfully crafted for the most personalized care from the beginning to the end
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Ultimate Facilities

We welcome you in a warm ambiance immersed with refined luxury and a stylish clinic. We are pleased to keep our facilities innovative and up to global standards, which dedicate to making your experience unique and personal in every way.
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Ultimate You

We believe everyone is unique. We always consider our customer's needs and concerns by taking a personal approach and tailoring our high-performance treatment according to your needs to get the best results you desire.

Our Focus

Dermatology. Aesthetic. Wellness

dr. Lanny Juniarti, Dipl. AAAM

President Director of Miracle Aesthetic Clinic Group

“Bring Out The Best Version of You”

Miracle Ultimate provide aesthetic treatments based on advanced, innovative and state-of-the-art technology which is applied using Miracle Facial Architecture protocols. We commit to deliver safe, effective and consistent longer results.


From rejuvenating aesthetic treatments to specialist dermatology and non-surgical strategies to enhance skin health, the treatments provided by our in-house experts are a surefire route to great skin.


The overall goal of facial aesthetic is to provide the patient with a softer, more defined, and more youthful appearance. The result should be a face that appears balanced and harmonious.


Providing treatments for the overall head-to-toe appearance to give you a better quality of life.
Only available on Surabaya.

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