Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Procedure by Professional Doctor
Aesthetic surgical procedure by making a small incision in the mouth to remove the fat in the cheek (buccal fat), only takes a short time of less than 1 hour, using local anesthesia. “No visible scars”, relatively short healing time of less than 1 week.
Surgery to provide additional aesthetics to the nose so that the nose is more proportional. Rhinoplasty itself consists of several techniques such as full rib cartilage, implants, and combination techniques (implant i and ear cartilage).
The procedure is generally performed on patients who have wide or less symmetrical nostrils. The alar base of the nose will look slimmer so that the tip of the nose will also appear more projected.
It is an aesthetic eyelid surgery procedure to repair the upper or lower eyelids and rejuvenate the area around the eyes.
  • Sub - Brow Blepharoplasty

    A sub-brow blepharoplasty procedure is performed to correct the drooping condition on the side of the upper eyelid. The eyelids will appear more symmetrical, lifted and increase the harmonization on the face.

Ptosis is a drooping eyelid in one eye or both eyes so that the eye looks droopy and the eyelid looks narrowed to cover part of the eye. Through this action the eyes will look more symmetrical, appear more raised or raised and look fresher.
Aesthetic surgical procedure to make the position of the eyebrows appear more balanced and symmetrical so that the whole face looks more ideal.
It is an aesthetic surgical procedure on the lips to improve the shape of large volume lips. Through this procedure, slim, harmonious and beautiful lips can be achieved.
Aesthetic surgical procedures to correct the position and proportion of the ear. Otoplasty is only limited to changing the shape of the ear and not its function.
Lobuloplasty procedure, repairs the earlobe after piercing so that it will look more normal, not wide and not sagging. The ear display will be more beautiful to look at.
Techniques to restore facial features or contours back young, ideal and proportional. Can be done under conditions:
  • Decreased skin on the mid to lower face
  • Deep crease on lower eyelid
  • Sagging skin on the jaw or neck
  • Loss of muscle mass and sagging of the midface
  • Excess skin and deep creases on the neck
Actions that aim to get rid of fat that has accumulated and interfere with appearance, are the most desirable for those who have double chin problems.
The act of removing excess fat tissue, taken from the patient's own body part (such as the thigh or abdomen) to a part that has experienced fat loss or tissue volume loss caused by the aging process, trauma, surgery, birth defects, or other causes
An aesthetic procedure to reduce and improve the contours and proportions of the body so that it looks slimmer by reducing excess fat tissue in certain areas of the body. Can be done in conjunction with the Fat Grafting procedure.
Breast surgery is not only to increase the size but also for aesthetic purposes, such as tightening, and improving shape. There are 3 types of procedures, namely:
  • Breast Implant

    Aesthetic surgical procedures aim to increase breast volume using implants with materials that are clinically proven safe to use (silicone breast implants). In ideal conditions, fat can also be used to increase breast volume (fat transfer).

  • Breast Lift

    Actions to tighten the breast, can be done alone or done in conjunction with a breast implant procedure. The goal of this procedure is to improve the shape of the breast projection which sometimes needs to be combined with a volume enhancement (implant) procedure.

  • Breast Reduction

    Aims to reduce breast size in some people who have problems with back pain due to too large breast volume

This procedure aims to remove or smooth out scars and keloids by cutting out lumps or scars using local anesthesia. The revision of the scar and the excision of the keloid is done to make the skin look neater and more even, but not to remove the scar.
This action aims to remove lumps that appear on the surface of the skin and an examination is carried out to ensure that the lump is a benign tumor and not a malignant tumor.

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